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- Steam Kia easy and effective and fast clothes thanks to a strong steam jet

- Can handle the most sensitive fabrics

- Removes odors from the tissues and disinfects them

- Iron turns into a brush so you can get rid of dust and debris on your furniture and carpets

- The iron has a comfortable and lightweight handle

- You can hold most operations with one hand

- The lower part of the iron provides a precise effect on the cloth during ironing

- Designed with slip-resistant handle for easy operation and grip

- The feature of fog spray is made of water quills to remove stubborn wrinkles

- The anti-drip system prevents water leakage

- Unique rotation design of a variety that can rotate 90 degrees with ease

- Temperature control button to get the best results in all fabrics: cotton, silk, wool ... etc

- The mattress can be used to remove dust from furniture, walkers and blankets

- Ideal for home or travel

- It can be transported as a steam bath 2 in 1 horizontally as its mouth and vertically as steam

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